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By Bryan J. Hutchinson

Why Choose Our Criminal Law Attorney Bronx NY

Why I practice criminal defense law?

As a criminal law attorney Bronx, NY, I represent citizens accused by the government of crimes. Every citizen has the right to be free from force whether committed by a single individual or a group of individuals, called the government. The Founding Fathers created a government and disarmed themselves and gave the government a monopoly on the use of physical force. In return the government explicitly promised in the Bill of Rights that it would protect our rights. Therefore, the government must have objectively defined laws, rules and procedures for the trial and punishment of crimes. We have a right to defend ourselves against false accusations and imprisonment by an overzealous prosecutor, a biased judge or corrupt government.

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criminal law attorney Bronx

I firmly believe in the American jury system because it is the only legal system where the rich, the poor, black or white can keep the government to its promise of protecting our rights. Thomas Jefferson wrote "I consider Trial by Jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution". The Founding Fathers did not trust an all powerful government such as existed in England. The jury system keeps the government to its promise of protecting the rights to the innocent.

In every case you have a right to a criminal law attorney. The right to an attorney is the key to protecting our right to liberty and life at every stage of a criminal prosecution. The right to counsel is probably most important at the time a fellow citizen is arrested. Former United States Supreme Court Justice Byron White said, " the greatest miscarriage of justice occurs at the identification phase of a criminal prosecution."

Consequently, if you are a considered a person of interest by the government or have been accused of a crime you must get immediate legal representation. It's important to know your rights and procedures from arrest to arraignment. Don't wait to seek help from a criminal defense lawyer, act right away after you have been arrested or accused of a crime. For an immediate consultation please call Bryan J. Hutchinson, when you need a police misconduct attorney or criminal law attorney Bronx at (718) 671-0900.

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